7 things to check before opting for a dental clinic

Selecting a new dental clinic for your entire family is always confusing. With many options and big advertisements, you have to look beyond the obvious. In this post, we guide you through the seven things that matter in choosing between dentists in Ashburn VA.

  1. The team

A dental clinic is run by a team of dentists, dental hygienists, nurses and staff members, and as a new patient, you should know them better. More than anything else, you should be interested in the qualifications and background of your dentist.  You can either call up the clinic or can ask these questions on your first appointment.

  1. Emergency dental care

We often don’t realize the importance of emergency dental care. In case of an accident or injury to teeth and gums, the patient must be treated at the earliest to prevent blood loss, tooth loss and other complications. It is always better to select a clinic that has scope for such treatments.

  1. Check for hygiene and neatness

Dental clinics should be clean, well-maintained and neat. If you spot dirty tools, old gloves and poor equipment maintenance, do not trust the clinic, no matter how confident the dentist may seem. At the end of the day, sanitary environment is a necessity.

  1. Treatments offered

From dental implants and restorative dentistry, to root canal treatment, tooth extraction and preventive dentistry, there are many procedures and treatments. Find a clinic that offers the most number of treatments.

  1. Proximity

Usually, for most of the dental treatments, you may need two or more appointments with your dentist, and it is wise to choose a clinic that’s close and accessible. If you have found an option that’s far but better than others, you may want to check their office hours to fit things in your schedule. Some clinics are open late in the evening, which is an advantage.

  1. Environment

Many people avoid visiting a dentist because the whole environment is scary. A good dental clinic cares for its patients beyond the doctor’s chamber. Check if the staff members are friendly, and if the clinic offers child dental care, they must have games, books and other forms of recreation to keep the kids busy.

  1. Cost

There’s a reason why cost is the last factor on our list. Ideally, the price of dental treatments shouldn’t be the only reason to choose a clinic. However, you don’t want to pay a bomb either. Before you go for elective treatments and cosmetic procedures, find more about the costs and check if the prices are as per industry standards. Also, it is wise to check if the clinic accepts insurance. You can see this to know more.

On your first appointment, be open and friendly with your dentist to see if you get a similar response. A good dentist is also a great listener and he should be able to offer help for your condition without upselling some of the elective procedures. Check online and make a shortlist now!