9 photo taking tips for moms!

Is there any mom who doesn’t want to take pictures of her baby’s growing nice time? I’m sure there is no!

The question is if everyone does it well, sometimes we take pictures and then become nervous because they don’t look good enough. It could make us sad, right? Actually, there is no magic in taking beautiful photos, it is quite simple for everyone, you should just know some tips to depict your sweety’s lifetime the best moments.

  • First of all be patient! Sometimes our baby doesn’t have mood for smiling on a camera or is not accustomed yet to the camera’s light. No need to push him to do anything. Just wait for a better moment. You should learn together, day by day. It will work with time.
  • Keeping child’s favorite toys/stuff around. Having favorite subjects around makes kids feel free and happy. Moreover, it takes their attention and you can do nice shoots while your baby plays.

  • Use photo apps and photo redactors. There are many various applications which could help you to have amazing photos even if you are not an experienced baby photo taker. Some of them are paid (like Baby Pics+ ), others are free. One of the quite useful and good apps is the Baby Photo App (download it for free from Google Play). It has different options and tools to re-edit your pics from ordinary to special, cool filters, creative artworks, an opportunity add own texts and even sharing directly to social media. As a result, no one will know these are your first photography steps actually .

  • Taking pictures of baby’s body parts. Sometimes we can get a nice photo of the infant’s whole body but t not catch a nice facial expression. Don’t worry. There is a solution. Just keep a part of the photo you like more: baby’s fingers, feet, ears, etc. Separately they also look very cute.

  • Using white & black pictures. One more trick to make your pictures look more professional as black and white kind of distracts people’s attention from some small details behind. Besides, it is just beautiful. Don’t use this option too often to keep photos’ uniqueness and brightness.

  • Prepare background and add some details.. This could be simple stuff you have, like one color blankets which look quite good as a background. You can add some details on the ready picture via photo redactors (texts, artworks, emojis, etc)
  • It is more easy to do photo shooting when your baby is happy, fed, feels comfortable (like not wrapped too tight), had a good sleep before, etc.
  • Find right angles! All people look nice from one angle, and from another they can look very unnatural or even ugly. The same for Just experiment and find the right side to take pictures from.

  • Light is also important! That’s why pictures, which are taken outside, mostly look nicer, you can also use lamps for making photos at home.

Of course, don’t forget to save pictures you made!  Go ahead and Have a great photo shooting experience!