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How Laser Treatments Can Improve Your Cover Up Tattoo

Whether you’re starting a new job, went to inexperienced tattoo artist or you simply want to get rid of an unwanted memory, tattoo removal has become very common.

There is a second option though – cover up tattoos.

Unfortunately, cover ups aren’t always possible when you have a very dark tattoo or one with prominent colours. This is where laser tattoo reduction comes in. If you are a fan of tattoos just not of your current one, you could use laser treatments to lighten it in order to make a cover up a viable option.

Lightening your current tattoo before you get a cover up will make your tattoo artist’s job much easier and you reduce the chances of your old tattoo showing through the new one.

A closer look at laser tattoo removal

The light beams that are emitted from a laser are absorbed by the pigments of the tattoo. These beams fragment these colour pigments, which are then naturally disposed of by your body.

Pico and Q-switch lasers are generally used to lighten and remove tattoos, both of which are safe and effective. The preciseness of the laser will also ensure that the tissue around your tattoo is protected.

Cover up vs. removal

Many people wonder whether it’s better to remove their tattoo completely or simply lighten it. It all depends on how much you would prefer to keep your body art.

The key benefit of lightening your initial tattoo at a West Perth tattoo removal clinic is that you will have more design choices to work with than if you simply layered a new tattoo directly over the existing one.

However, if you’re convinced that you won’t want another tattoo later on, you may just want to have it removed completely.

How many removal sessions will I need?

Every patient is different and the size, location and ink density of your tattoo will all play a role in how many sessions you will require before it will start to fade.

During your consultation, your laser technician will be able to give you a better idea of how many sessions will be necessary before your tattoo will be faded enough for you to get a cover up.

For those looking to remove their tattoo completely, you can expect to receive treatments for 9 to 18 months before your tattoo will be completely gone. Tattoos that were created by amateur artists are generally easier to remove because less ink is used.

When can I schedule my cover up tattoo?

Your body is going to need time to heal before you will be able to get your cover up tattoo. The area should be completely healed before a new tattoo is considered. 6 to 8 Weeks is usually enough time but every patient is different.

Does laser tattoo removal have any side effects?

Laser tattoo removal patients can expect some mild swelling, redness and blistering following their treatment. Cooling gels and pain medications can be used to address any discomfort that’s being experienced by the patient.

If you follow your doctor’s post-care instructions and stay out of direct sunlight until your skin is healed, there is no need to be concerned about any serious side effects.