How to choose a baby carrier

A Baby Carrier:-

A Baby Carrier is a great way for you to keep your baby close. Along with nurturing the infant you can also carry out your other activities easily. If you are about to buy your first sling, the ranges available in the market can be too overwhelming for you. For example-All Baby Carriers from BABYBJORN are made from toxin-free, child-friendly materials and are soft against your child’s skin.

Choosing a Baby Carrier:-

 To help you choose a carrier that is right for you and your baby it is useful to be aware of the many types of baby carriers available out there.

What do studies say:-

A study done in the year 1986, found that babies who were carried 3 hours a day cried 43% less overall and 54% less during the evening hours.

Physical contact with a baby makes mothers release Oxytocin AKA which is also known as a love hormone. This promotes a Maternal bond which in turn has the capability to improve Postpartum depression and anxiety.

When is it safe to start using a Baby Carrier?

Your child is very precious to you. So nothing is more important to us than ensuring you feel safe when you use a good and comfortable type of Baby Carrier for your New-born baby.

Important Considerations during the use of a Baby Carrier:-

1.Do not dress your baby too warmly in the Baby Carrier. Do remember, that your child will also feel the heat from your body.

2.Never carry your child in a Baby Carrier during Sporting activities, such as Running, Cycling or Skiing.

3.Make sure that you never lie down while carrying your baby in the carrier.

When is it safe to start using a Baby Carrier?

You can use a Baby Carrier as soon as your Baby is born. There are different types of baby carriers, so choose a model suitable for a newborn baby a small baby carrier that encircles a very young baby’s body and gives wide enough support to the baby’s bottom.

Baby-carriers and options?

Many options are available as Baby Carriers such as Wraps, Ring slings etc.

Wraps- They are basically long rectangular pieces of Fabric which is used to tie your body to your baby. The most popular baby wraps are from Moby, Boba and Solly baby.

Carriers-Carriers specially Soft-structured are usually designed with babies that are quite old though some can be adapted for new-borns by using extra padding as adjusting the straps.

Baby Bjorn Carrier:-

Baby Bjorn carrier by us is specially designed for your baby’s comfort and for make him feel like your arms, Bjorn Carrier is best for you in any condition either your baby is newborn or grown up.

In order to make your baby be able to look out a Forward-facing carrier may be considered BabyBjorn Carrier.

BabyBjorn Carrier is Airy and cool mesh that dries rapidly and hence is a much better type of Baby Carrier with fully adjustable size and seat width.