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How To Guide: Protecting Hair Extensions From Hard Water

If you are a planning a summer trip or if you are a keen swimmer, water that consists of chemicals can be harsh on your hair extensions. Saltwater, Chlorine and shower water can all create issues of discolouration and dryness if they include a high level of nasty chemicals and minerals. Fortunately, there is a technique which can be used to reduce the chances of this occurring dramatically, and this is referred to as the saturation method.

The saturation method exposes your hair to clean water before it ever enters an environment like the ocean or a pool. This method gives your hair has less ability to soak in all of the nasty water; because hair is porous, it will absorb water instantly, just like a sponge.

What Does Porous Hair Mean?

Porous hair is the hair’s ability to absorb water. Think of a sponge; a sponge soaks up liquid as soon as it is exposed to it. Hair does the same thing, when it is exposed to water, it instantly soaks up the liquid into each hair strand.

How Can I Stop Porous Extensions From Soaking Up Dirty Water?

The idea is to decrease the hair’s ability to soak up dirty water to minimise the impact it can have on your hair. If you placed a sponge in a swimming pool, the sponge would instantly soak up as much water as it could hold. Yet if you took that sponge and soaked it first in clean water and then put it in the pool, it would still absorb some water, but it would be much less because it has already taken on as much water as it could.

If we saturate our hair before we expose them to chemicals found in water, we can limit the effect they can have on our hair extensions.

Hair Extension Protection

While the saturation method will go a long way to preventing your hair from feeling the effects of a ‘hard water’ environment, just remember that this method will not fix everything. You still need to take care of your hair extensions, and they will benefit greatly from some extra TLC especially after a swim or summer vacation. For more information on how to take care of your hair extensions visit

How Can I Protect My Extensions From Dirty Water

To protect your extensions from soaking up dirty water all you have to do is soak your hair thoroughly in the shower before jumping into the ocean or the pool.

The best way to wash your hair is with bottled or filtered water, but if you use shower water, it is still more preferable to salt or chlorinated water. By using bottled or filtered water, you can guarantee that your hair has soaked up clean water minimising the impact it can have on hair quality.