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Importance of Dental Filling

When you go to see your dentist on your scheduled appointment for a checkup, the first thing your dentist will do is carefully assess the condition and state of your teeth. The dentist will extensively study the size of damages and then prescribe you its treatment. All the bacteria and debris is removed so your teeth are clean and back in good shape. However, if the extent of damages is extreme and you have cavities in your teeth, then your dentist will have no other choice but to get it fixed by a filling.

Why Do We Need To Get Fillings in Our Teeth

The main reason why cavities are formed, which have to be cured by a simple procedure of filling is because of insufficient oral health and poor hygiene. This results in the enamel of the tooth to get impaired and damaged. If the tooth gets affected and is left untreated, then a buildup of plaque is formed eventually followed by tooth decay.

Importance of Dental Fillings

Getting a filling is an essential procedure. In case if your dentist makes a diagnosis of cavities and tooth decay, and suggests a filling, it is imperative that you schedule your appointment as early as you can for many reasons.

1.   Reduces Pain and Sensitivity

If you have teeth with cavities, you will find yourself being more sensitive to foods that are hot and cold. If you delay or procrastinate your dentist appointment for a filling, in a matter of time you will start to feel uncomfortable whenever you will eat cold or hot foods. In case if the cavity grows in size and starts touching a nerve, or even and reveals the dentine, that is the tooth’s inner part, you will suffer from continuous discomfort and pain.

2.   Prevents the Extent of Decay

If you delay getting your cavities filled, the decay will persist and grow in size, making its way deeper and deeper in the affected tooth. When your dentist discovers the decay, its best to get a filling right away so the cavity does not grow further and cause you other problems.

3.   Restores the Power of Your Tooth

In case if you leave the cavity in your teeth untreated, it will continue to grow and eventually form a hole in the crater. Once the decay starts to spread, you will notice your teeth getting weaker and thinner. This will eventually lead to your teeth to crack and you will notice small chips of your teeth in your mouth. There may even be some extreme cases where the cavity starts to grow further and affect the tissues and nerves in your teeth. It may even be the case where the nearby teeth start to get affected and damaged. That is why it is better to get your fillings done on time. 

4.   Avoids Infection

If the tooth decay is left exposed for a long time, it will start to change into an infection. In case if it does happen, you will feel an intense amount of pain. At this point, it may be too late to get a dental filling and your dentist may eventually suggest getting the affected tooth extracted.