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Should You Mention Your Hair Extensions to Your Date?

Date night is the perfect reason to use hair extensions to achieve your favourite hairstyles but at what point should you tell the person you’re dating about your extensions?

Should you tell them right away? Wait a few dates? Or should you even tell them at all?

This is a topic that many women run through their minds. Some people think that it’s best to tell your date about your hair extensions while others don’t feel it would make any difference whether they knew or not.

At the end of the day, it all really depends on the seriousness of the relationship and whether they’re a potential long-term partner. It’s of course not ideal if someone that you’re serious about finds out about your extensions in another way so it’s probably best to tell them sooner rather than later.

Here are 3 tips for discussing your extensions with your date or partner:

The details are not important.

If the person you’re seeing does ask whether you’re wearing hair extensions, a simple yes or no answer is good enough. There is absolutely no reason for you to explain or defend your choice to do so. Plus, 100% human hair extensions by J’adore look just as natural as your real hair so they probably won’t notice unless you actually point it out.

Don’t get defensive.

If you do feel the need to go into more detail or if they happen to ask more questions, it’s important to not get defensive when explaining your reasons for wearing hair extensions. Stick to the facts and leave it at that.

Know how to handle criticism.

It may very well happen that your partner asks you to stop wearing hair extensions or is very critical of them. This will be a moment where you will need to decide whether you want to live your life your way or if you want to be with a person who tries to dictate how you should look.

Remember, hair extensions are a personal choice and one that nobody has the right to judge you on.