Sleep options for your baby – Which is the best alternative for your tot?

Are you a new mom who is sandwiched between the advice given by the parenting experts and the wise words passed by older mums and the group chats of other mommy friends that you have? If answered yes, you might be finding it pretty tough to decide what’s good and what’s bad for your baby, especially when your baby’s sleep options are concerned. Nevertheless, irrespective of the opinions offered by everyone else, the best possible sleep option for your baby is none other than what he is comfortable in.

Your decision should be based on what you consider as the safest and most convenient option for your tot, the total space you have in your room and what you and your spouse are comfortable with. Here are few options that you may keep in mind.


The most famous option in Australia is a baby sleeping in a cot and you can get baby cots at almost all stores which sell baby products. However, you have to make sure you use a safe cot which abides by the present Australian standard AS2172. Use a firm, flat and safe mattress and steer clear from bouncy mattresses as they’re not safe for your kid. Ensure that your baby sleeps on his back and keep his face and head uncovered. The feet of the baby should be placed firmly at the bottom of the cot.


For the parents who love to sleep as close as possible to their babies, a co-sleeper is one of the best options for them. You can buy bassinets and cribs for your baby so that you can place them right at the side of your bed and thereby supervise your baby throughout the night. The sleeping guidelines that you have to follow will be the same as cot sleeping. The only benefit of a co-sleeper is that it is placed right beside your bed and you can catch hold of your baby very easily without having to get up. The baby will also get used to familiar smells of sleeping in his own bed.


One more sleep option is bassinets and they’re designed for a rather short-term usage. The moms who use bassinets for their babies claim to just use them for the first 6 months. They too are extremely portable and you can move them from one room to another. Parents can sleep near their babies and just as with cots, you can avert suffocation risks in the bassinet due to pillows and stuffed toys.


All sorts of culture use hammocks for their babies and they’re used in baby sleep clinics because they offer a warm, beautiful and swaddled environment which soothes them in a rather soothing way. Babies usually sleep for a longer time in hammocks as they’re pretty safe when supported with a firm mattress.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the different ways in which you can put your baby to sound sleep, you can take into account the above mentioned options in order to take care of your tot while he sleeps.