Warning Signs Indicating You Possibly Need Dental Implants

In the US, more than 3 million people have had dental implants and every year the number is growing by 500,000. This statistic is sufficient to indicate that dental implants are designed to work successfully. Clinical research also reports that over past 40 – 50 years success rate is over 95%. You can plan to have dental implants without any anxiety or concern about fixing them.

Why dental implants is needed?

Popularity of dental implants is increasing but why patients need them in the first place? Below are some warning signs that indicate dental implants are needed.

Missing, broken, or cracked tooth or teeth

Missing tooth or teeth issues get resolved with dental implants. It fills the space, where there was a gap. Moreover, it looks natural because no one will identify it to be a fake, when you smile. Visit to see the before and after photos of dental implant procedure.

Loose dentures or partials

People feel self-conscious, when they have a loose denture or partials. The fear of dentures falling out while talking or eating disturbs them all the time. It is really an embarrassing situation, when they have to experience this. Fortunately, with dental implants there is no reason to struggle with embarrassing situations and fear. The implants look and feel like natural teeth.

Messy denture care

Dentures need to be cleaned. At times, there is a need to apply denture adhesive, so as to hold them tightly in their place. This is not a very fun thing people enjoy doing. Dental implants is a very convenient option to avoid this messy denture care. Oral care is similar to what you have been doing since childhood brush and floss regularly twice a day.

[Note – if you clench or grind teeth then it is an issue. Bruxism can damage implant crown. Dentist will recommend you to wear bruxism night guard to avoid damage to dental crowns.]

Tooth infection

Bad infected tooth needs to be extracted. After removing this infected tooth dental implants can serve as new tooth. This new tooth is strong and durable. It blends naturally with your smile. Care to be taken is just like you did with your natural teeth that is brushing and flossing regularly.

Loose dental bridge

Loose bridge poses the same issue like in loose dentures but dental implants are the best solution.

Sunken-in facial appearance

As dentures don’t stimulate jawbone to encourage critical tissue regrowth, it starts to regress as you grow elderly. Dental implants maintains your facial appearance, as jawbone gets stimulated with natural chewing. You can look and smile good with confidence.