What are Some Common Cases for Toothaches & What are Some of the Best Ways Treat these Cases?

There is no doubt that a toothache can be considered one of the worst pains to be felt by anyone. It can be an extremely uncomfortable feeling that really affects the way in which one goes about their daily functions from speaking to swallowing to chewing. Because of the unbearable pain toothaches typically give off, individuals experiencing this pain have trouble focusing, concentrating and performing every day responsibilities.

What causes a toothache? Below are some of the main issues why people experience that distracting pain from toothaches:

Gum Disease & Infections

One of the most sensitive parts of our mouth is our gums. Our gums can be affected by a variety of dental issues including plaque, infection, and disease. This occurs if we do not take proper oral care of our mouths. This includes daily brushing, flossing and yearly dental appointments as a few of the main areas to target when keeping your oral care up to standards.

When our gums become infected, it is usually triggered by bacteria building up within the mouth around the bottom of our teeth toward our gums. This causes gum to redden and swell, and at times, even bleed. In some severe cases, gum infections and gum diseases can also lead to a loss of a tooth or even teeth. This leads to an even more damaging situation.

Maintaining proper dental hygiene can really save you from a lot of damage and a lot of dental visits. When it comes to diseases of the gums, it is highly recommended to contact your dentist as soon as possible. This will help prevent further damage as well as help to get rid of the pain you are experiencing, which is the most important and most urgent thing. After your dentist does a full evaluation of the oral issues, they will outline a treatment plan for you. By following their treatment plan, you should be able to free yourself from the pain and discomfort of any oral issues relating to your gums.


Cavities occur when oral hygiene is not kept up to proper standards, but can also occur simply from not being able to reach a certain area to brush or floss and plaque continues to build up. When someone does not brush or floss on a daily basis and in the proper many, then they are more likely to suffer from cavities, tooth decay, plaque buildup, and more.

Cavities can be very painful and extremely uncomfortable for an individual. A cavity is basically the decay of an area on the tooth which causes a tiny hole in the affected tooth. With the passage of time and with no remedy, the hole grows deeper and the tooth and surrounding areas will cause even more pain to the individual.

If the cavity is not detected early on, then you are at risk for even more damages. Once you are aware of a tooth pain that is lasting more than a day, you should contact your dentist as quickly as possible and schedule an appointment.

Some remedies that can assist while you are awaiting your dental appointment is to create a salt mixture of salt and warm water and rinse your mouth out with the full mixture. This will provide temporary relief from the pain, but it is still recommended that you visit your dentist as quickly as possible for a more permanent solution.

Abscessed Teeth

An abscessed tooth is basically a pretty awful infection that occurs right within the tooth itself. It leads to the root of the tooth becoming infected which causes a tremendous amount of pain for the individual. It can also lead to swollen gums and even tooth loss if it is untreated rather quickly.

A severe cavity can lead to this type of issue with an abscessed tooth as well. In addition, this can be caused by bruxism or injury. The best course of action is to call your family dentist right away and get an appointment. In the meantime, you can utilize coconut oil throughout the affected area to help ease the pain a bit. This works by added coconut oil onto a piece of food you are eating, or just gently rub the coconut oil around the affected area.

A Final Word

It is crucial to consult your dentist as quickly as possible if you are experiencing even a slight pain or discomfort. Do not neglect the pain as it could lead to something much more damaging and much more painful.

Author Bio:-Dr. Steven London

Dr. London graduated from Baltimore College of Dental Surgery at the University of Maryland in 1993. Prior to studying at Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, he attended SUNY Binghamton. He has been at his current location in Boca Raton for over 20 years. He treats patients from many surrounding areas including Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Parkland, West Palm Beach, Coral Springs and Wellington. For more information on Dr. London or London Dental Group, please visit